Frequently Asked Questions

How do I store my cupcakes at home?

The best way to store your cupcakes at home is in an airtight container. It is important that you do not store your cupcakes in the fridge as that will dry them out.

How long will my cupcakes last for?

I recommend you eat your cupcakes on the day you receive them as they will be at their freshest. You will be able to keep the cupcakes in their box for up to 2 days and still enjoy them. If you wish to keep them up to 3 days, you can keep them in an airtight container at room temperature and they will still be yummy to eat.

How do I order?

You may order cupcakes via the information or contact form on the 'Contact Us' page. Here you will find an easy to use form, my telephone number and my email address.

How much notice do you require for orders?

As much notice as you can give me is wonderful, but at the latest 48 hours.

Can I combine flavours?

Yes and No. A box of 6 Cupcakes will consist of only 1 flavour. A box of 12 or 24 cupcakes can consist of 2 flavours maximum. Please see the 'Gift-boxes' page and 'Prices' page for all the details.

Is there a minimum or maximum order amount?

The minimum order I will accept is a Gift-box of 6 Regular cupcakes, or 12 Mini cupcakes. There is no set maximum order but please contact me to discuss larger orders. You can find all my contact details here 'Contact Us'.

Can I order cupcakes for my wedding or special occasion?

Yes. I am more than happy to discuss cupcakes for weddings, special occasions and events. Please find all the information you need here on my 'Special Occasions' page.

Where are you cupcakes baked?

My cupcakes are baked at home in the 'Butterfly Cupcakes Kitchen'. I am registered with my local council and have a food hygiene certificate. I use all the best ingredients I can find and always use free range eggs. My cupcakes are always baked to order so I ensure that perfectly fresh cupcakes are made always.

Can you send cupcakes?

Unfortunately no. Due to the handmade decorations and the lashings of delicious buttercream on my cupcakes they are far too delicate and fragile to post.

Are your cupcakes nut free?

Although I do not use nuts or nut products in all of my cupcakes, they are in some. I also have nuts and nut products in my kitchen so I cannot guarantee nut free cupcakes.

Do you make gluten free cupcakes?

Unfortunately not at the moment. This may be something I look into in the future.

Do you deliver? Can I collect?

Yes to both. Please see my 'Delivery' page for all the information you may need.

Can you set up at my wedding or event?

Yes, I can come to your venue and set up your cupcakes either on a stand you have hired yourself or onto a stand you have hired from me. Take at look at my 'Special Occasions' page to find all the information and pricing.

Do you have a cupcake stand I can hire?

Yes, I have a lovely range of stands for you to hire. Please see the 'Stands to hire' photo gallery for the range I have. When you hover over the photo it will show you the hire price and the returnable deposit price.