Here you will find all the pricing information for all of my cupcakes

(for orders over 24 cupcakes, please see the ‘Occasions‘ page for all the pricing information)

(For all the delivery information you need, please see the ‘Delivery’ page)

Regular Size Cupcakes:

Giftbox of 6 – £10.00       Giftbox of 12 – £18.50       Giftbox of 24 – £35.50

Mini Size Cupcakes:

Giftbox of 12 – £9.00     Giftbox of 24 – £16.50

Giant Cupcakes:

Giant Cupcakes are £30.00

Filling of preserves, Lemon Curd, Chocolate etc: The price is an extra cost per giftbox.

Regular size cupcakes only

Giftbox of 6 – £1.50           Giftbox of 12 – £2.50       Giftbox of 24 – £3.50

All of the above are presented in a white windowed gift box with coloured ribbon as you can see here on the ‘Gift-boxes’ page. Please state if you require a specific colour.

All cupcakes come decorated with either coloured buttercream or coloured fondant to your chosen needs, themes or ideas, please state when placing your order.

Please visit the photo galleries for lots of ideas from my previously made cupcakes.

All cupcakes can be decorated to your particular needs, please call,email or use the ‘Contact Form’ to discuss your requirements and any further pricing.

Cupcakes are made in batches of 6 – Minimum order 6 Cupcakes

Giftbox of 6 may contain 1 flavour only.

Giftbox of 12 & 24 may contain 2 flavours maximum.